18.05.2014 “planning”


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  1. Rosa de los Vientos

    Watermelon man.
    Beautiful new pieces again my friend.

  2. Rosa de los Vientos


  3. Steven

    He is a very striking, handsome work of art indeed. LOVE the watermelon top.

    (Forgive my lateness in finding this. I’ve been away from the blogging scene for a while, but good to find some new stuff from you. Hope all is well!)

    • You’re alive?!! 🙂

      I did wonder where you’ve been and how you’re going. Now that I’ve read ur post your absence Makes perfect sense – I invented wondering off WordPress and coming back again!! Haha

      It’s all about inspiration And excitement isn’t it – AND not having the feeling of it becoming a choir. BUT … it’s a new year – there’s plenty to be excited about that!!!

      Glad to get a message from you again man! Good luck for 2015!

      • Steven

        I’m so touched by how many people actually noticed my disappearance. It was quite unexpected!

        What you say is so true. Indeed, the new year shall always bring with it new opportunities and challenges, and a renewed sense of motivation. It’s up to us to pounce on it!

        It’s a total pleasure – I shall look forward to spending the year here, and being treated to lots more cracking artwork. Don’t let me down! 😉

        Happy New Year my friend. I hope it’s a happy, creative and successful one for you.

  4. great line. great energy. it comes off the page. this is great work–all.

  5. Very nice! Love the Egon Scheile-like hands. Great mood.

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