Nov 2015 “sometimes, I feel incomplete”


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  1. wjacobr

    Like how the face dissolves into something suggesting a computer program distortion–like an electronic drawing. All technologies are extensions of our bodies–here we see cyborg emerging from the more conventional painterly representative style. Cool on a bunch of levels.

  2. Kate

    Allan, this is really gorgeous X

  3. Kate

    Allan, this is really gorgeous! X

  4. 🙂 I like that observation – liking it with computer program distortion – reminds me of that movie “ex machina”! Thank you!

  5. This is gorgeous. Paint and pen too. Double talent! You blended the two mediums together well – it creates a very striking appearance. They benefit from each other and somehow you have managed to keep the artwork balanced as well. Just beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you Chloe! I usually use watercolour on faces and body but I am determined to learn how to paint a full piece in acrylic so I can move on to oils! So this is me dipping my toes in to test the water!

      It is really great to get comments like this. Especially just after finishing the piece – given I am still just getting to know the finished work in detail myself.

      On this one I feel good knowing the negative space is not just bare paper. It is actually painted in white. Regardless of what the title says – this piece to me is very much complete!

      • It’s very good for just dipping toes in test water! I’m planning to do something similar too because currently I only use pen and pencil. I would love to get into painting though – it’s something I think is just stunning. So much skill. And colour. I don’t do colour much, I find black and white easier. Gosh I’m rambling.
        What I’m trying to say is this is very inspirational to me as an artist. So thank you 🙂

      • Oh wow – soooo exciting! Reminds me of when I first started this blog. If it helps I did in the following stages: pencil, pen, Indian ink, water colour, acrylic, then a mix of ink, watercolour and acrylic. Oh and if you’re used to drawing, consider using posca acrylic pens to begin with. That helped me with transitioning to using paint.

        I’m following you so I can’t wait to see your progress!

      • thank you so much for the tips, I will definitely use them. Very helpfu . I’m up to watercolour and I’m hoping to post some stuff soon too 🙂

  6. This is impressive. I love the way her face is covered with paint but we get to see her personality shining through.

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